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1. [+117, -5]

But this keeps happening with JYP, the kids are having neck disc issues one after the other. It makes me wonder what the hell is JYP doing to take care of their health?…ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+82, -3]

If your health isn’t good, your mental health will also deterioriate.. I’m speaking from experience.. And ITZY has been getting intense choreographies ever since their debut. Even as another group’s fan, I’m always worried for them..

3. [+80, -2]

If you get neck disc issues, it’ll be so hard on your mental helath 

4. [+61 ,-2]

ITZY members even mentioned that it was hard for them to go up the stairs because of their intense choreographies. They said ti jokingly a few years ago and talked about how they pulled their joints, but now I feel badㅠ..

5. [+58, -2]

If your neck and shoulders start aching, the more you live, the worse your lifestyle will be. My posture got worse, my arms got fat and my back hurts. And my hip has been hurting ever since I was young. Now that I grew older, my neck, shoulders and joints all hurt. I would’ve rather just have my hip pain… I tried dieting, fixing my posture and working out during my 20s but this can all go in a moment ㅜIn the end, my neck disc started to hurt and it’s just such an annoyance and it’s hard to live with