Previous description:
“A member of NCT, NCT 127, and NCT Dream. It is well-known that when Haechan shouts ‘Yo Dream’, the other members purposely do not follow up with their team cheer, ‘Jjeoreo juja fighting’. Although categorized as a vocal member, he also tends to learn and understand dance moves quickly, and is a skilled and graceful dancer.”

“I’m sorry for bringing this up as my first post but, who wrote that description for Haechan haha. Let’s have a chat.”

“A member of NCT, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and NCT U. He is well-known for his unique and standout vocal tone, and is capable of pulling off a variety of music genres with his vocal skills, receiving love from many fans. He also possesses a talent for displaying a broad range of expressions and gestures, as well as a graceful movements as a dancer.”

CR: Allkpop

They ended up changing his Weverse profile. After that, he never came on Weverse again

post response:


1. [+224, -18]

They made his account so he can chat with the fans but he ended up shaming an employee and went into hiding again after reaching his goal. F*cking f*cked up

2. [+184, -11]

As soon as he opened his Weverse, he left a comment taking a jab at an employee and never left a comment again. Haechan’s fans are still shielding him for this and fans are still paying for it so that’s why he was just using Bubble for his relationship while getting money for it.

3. [+161, -10]

The other members are leaving comments all day and talking to fans while he’s the only one not coming. He’s busy since the egg-flower bloomed in the Lotte Castle (T/n: reference to his alleged relationship with Ryujin. Reference here)

4. [+144, -8]

He usually never communicates with the fans unless he needs something

5. [+52, -5]

I’m not even surprised by how he deceives the fans anymore

“Haechan: Riding a carnival through the white snow

– on the way to the concert hall

Ryujin: Riding a sledge through the white snow

– a feeling of race

Ryujin: Are you awake?

Haechan: I just woke up”