They don’t even react to a soldier who sacrificed their lives for their country, but they start crying loudly when Fubao leaves.”

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Am I the only one dumbfounded by this? ㅋㅋㅋ
Why bring up soldiers in this discussion? 
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So did those Hannams ever cry over women getting murdered by men everyday? What kind of BS is this?
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Korean men’s inferiority complex’s target: Panda, kitties, iPhone, Europe trips, Starbucks + Sushi men (t/n: derogatory term for Japanese men) (They can’t even beat sushi men, but they explode with their inferiority complex towards sushi men thinking that they can do better. Then they get sued because they write hate comments whenever a Korean woman dates a Japanese man) + white men (Those Hannam bugs have always had some kind of inferiority complex towards white men) + the fact that Hannams always delude themselves thinking they’re superior to Japanese and Chinese men is so funny ㅋ + they get triggered over the topic of women of their own country abandoning them 
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Hannams being concerned about soldiers is so funny to me ㅋ It’s not like women need to serve in the army to start with, but whenever they have the opportunity, they would always bullsh*t about how women aren’t serving the army and show their misogyny while expecting a good response from it. It’s not like they’re voluntarily serving the army either? They have to serve the army for 1.5 years so are they expecting the women to be crying over them and thank them? 
4. [+193, -3]
Why should women cry over them serving in the army?ㅋㅋ They’re the #1 people who have already lost all their nationalism to start with 
5. [+170, -3]
They’re saying “women, please cry for us” 
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