Hyein is born in ’08 but she’s so stunning and mature, she’s insanely talented, has an aura, charisma and star factor. She’s a legend in every aspect, so why don’t people recognize her? Some ignorant elementary schoolers and ajaes might throw hate comments at her and call he ugly, but to me, her face is so refined and she looks like a freaking pretty goddess.

And what’s more is that she’s a natural beauty

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She’s seriously pretty but the unnies in her group are so pretty that she gets buried… If Hyein’s face is your style, then she’ll look the prettiest to you

2. [+29, -1]

She doesn’t have the type of face that’s preferred in the industry. And she doesn’t have the type of face that Koreans prefer either. Why do you not know this? If if you liked her type of face, then you would like pretty westerners and would stan westerners instead and not Korean idols

3. [+20, 0]

Her philtrum is short but her nose is long and her lips are thick so she gives off a gyopo vibe. Her type of face doesn’t really work in K-pop and would get a lot of divided opinion

4. [+15, -8]

There’s always a reason to why an idol doesn’t get recognized as much

5. [+13, 0]

I’ve liked her ever since this