I was watching Single’s Inferno and I thought that she was just way too rude. She’s so disrespectful towards Minwoo and Sieun. Seriously, I got so mad watching her. Her personality seems weird too

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1. [+160, 0]

When she said that she wouldn’t take him even if he expressed feelings to her, I was just shocked. Minwoo did nothing wrong but even if he made a big mistake, that wording was just obaㅋㅋ As soon as I saw this, she was out for me

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When Dex said that he was disappointed, it was so refreshing

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For real, she looks like that iljin unnie we all had in middle school. At this rate, she doesn’t even look pretty to me anymore

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I f*cking started to hate on Gyuri in the latest episodes. I f*cking hate the way she talks and she’s doing this to herselfㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ she probably just wants to get hate

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I was so annoyed at how Minwoo got hated on last week… She’s pissed because he didn’t pick her…

6. [+96, 0]

Her ego must be f*cking strong. She got so pissed that he was more attracted to Sieun and when she said that she wouldn’t go to him even if he expressed feelings for her was just… I just don’t see anything else than her strong ego until the end… Dex was so refreshing. Seeing Minwoo getting intimidated was so hard to watch