“The photographers were calling them short and said they couldn’t see them and had to jump to take photos”

This is oba 

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This is not something to laugh at ㅠㅠ They weren’t victims of racism because they’re short, but because they’re Asians… The fact that they were jumping wasn’t because they looked short, but because they thought they felt like they were like clowns. It’s like them going “I might catch COVID” and giggling about it or “Speak Korean” and those kinds of bullsh*t

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And people claim that Koreans are the most racist..ㅋㅋ Meanwhile they’re getting looked down upon like that..ㅋㅋ And this is more of a reality for Asian K-idols at local white and black parties than you might think. When it comes to idols, there are tons of kids who look down on you. They don’t like the idea of ​​K-idols crowding their party. Chinese people once paid money to buy tickets for something like that and they got laughed at too. 

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If you look at the video, they’re not getting called “short” but it’s more like people shouting “Dance for us” and “Give us a performance” and “their expressions look like robots” … They get freaking looked down upon and gets treated like clowns? And then they were also chuckling saying “Everybody jump!!”

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They mentioned COVID. I hope people don’t laugh at them when looking at posts like this. They were victims of racism