He was always popular, but compared to a month ago, his RTs are f*cking blowing up and his popularity also feels like it’s f*cking rising, his tags also trend a lot 

post response:


1. [+50, -1]

All of RIIZE’s members trend with their hashtags lately, but it’s true that his popularity is on the rise lately, his visuals are recovering well for him 

2. [+47, -7]

His visuals have always been goosebumps inducing, so I thought he already reached his peak, but his debut hair is still a mystery until now, how can you do something like this to such a handsome kid?

3. [+47, -7]

He has the face, the body and he also exudes boyfriend vibes

4. [+35, -2]

Not only Sungchan but I feel like all of RIIZE are seeing a rise in popularity! 

5. [+30, -6]

It would be even more of a shocker if he wasn’t, he looks like the way all women around the world would love