Haechan: This is really my personal opinion, but seeing how these friends debuted on my 8th year anniversary, it’s not easy to accept that they’re our members now. But still, since they’re now the maknae of a team in which our members worked so hard to make happen, I do feel attached to them. I hope they succeed

He added: 

Also, I wonder if (NCT fandom/NCTzens) have accepted them?


This is what he said during his live today and a lot of people have been commenting on it in the QRTs

There are lots of people who are agreeing with him saying things like “I like the fact that the Haechan and the kids swearing at NCT Wish are being honest at least” and “Me too I find it hard to accept that they’re part of NCT”

And there are also comments criticizing him saying “He’s not even one of the members who worked hard to make this team happen, he’s a controversial member, if you say something like this, you’re making an excuse to exclude Wish from NCT fans” and “We also wanted them to debut like RIIZE outside from NCT, nobody is asking you to accept it”

post response:


1. [+255, -26]

I’m a NCTzen and I agree with him ㅋㅋ they just feel like another group… And their fans are always using the existing team to promote them and it annoys me

2. [+247, -16]

Can you really expect someone who have debuted in 2016 to consider someone who debuted in 2024 the same team? Isn’t this only natural for him to think like that..?

3. [+200, -18]

They’re way different from SungSho and other members who were recruited though..? It’s way different just in terms of their years of experience? And to be honest, they don’t have a single overlapping member either ㅋㅋ 127<>Dream<>WayV, aside from the all-fans, even these fans consider their groups to be different groupsㅋㅋ

4. [+185, -46]

People who are saying that Wish is pitiful ㅋㅋ If not for NCT’s system in the first place, and the members of RIIZE who dropped out, they would’ve ended up in a small agency, they were only able to debut under SM because of the NCT system. If they hate it themselves, they can always go. They know themselves that it’s better to debut under a big agency 

5. [+134, -143]

I feel like even though he was honest. In the 8 years he debuted, has he seen how much the new members suffered to debut? And they also announced the end of the NCT system, so the fact that he’s there saying this is so unnecessary but pretty impressive