If you look at the unedited photos, they look like humans and their skin tone looks normal

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But people of our country edit so severely that they make their skin super white and make them look like some unreal AI. I seriously think that it’s problematic… Creating skewed beauty standards is bad

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1. [+39, -12]
You’re bullsh*tting about editing by taking preview photos
2. [+37, -8]
I don’t know why it matters if we like white skin or notㅋ East Asia likes white skin so what do they want us to do about it? Do they have to match their standards to Korean’s standards?ㅋㅋ
3. [+28, -4]
Every time I see idols in real life, I’m shocked at how their skin looks darker than I imagined. Just from the editing, you’d think that they are super white. But idols who have white skin is pretty rare
4. [+21, -24]
Huh? But to claim that those are unedited photos, they came out looking darker than their real skin tone though? Winter and Karina are naturally white. Especially Winter, she’s freaking white
5. [+21, -6]
No but why do we care if they hate it or not