(T/n: 검머외 = Black-haired foreigner which is referred to a Korean working abroad or holding foreign citizenship, and the term is occasionally applied to Korean students studying abroad as well. It’s often used as a nationalistic slur, implying disloyalty to South Korea.)

(“Ilovesamsungsomuch” is a term used by ‘black-haired foreigners’ to mock Koreans)

Anton’s private account was revealed today and his ID was ‘ilovesamsungsomuch’ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Apart from being nationalistic slur, he’s smearing Korea’s image by living abroad while mocking Koreans’ nationalism. Is he really mocking Koreans’ national pride? This is even more f*cked up than his dating scandal. The foreigners are all laughing at his ID

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Thanks to you, your father’s army scandal is also coming to light again (T/N: from NamuWiki : Amid plagiarism controversies, another dark episode in his past came to light. In 1987, Yoon Sang underwent a physical examination and was classified as Grade 1, indicating readiness for military service. However, as a university student, he postponed his enlistment until May 1993, when a draft notice was issued. The problem arose when it was revealed that around that time, he acquired Argentine citizenship to exempt himself from military service. Despite being processed as an immigrant, he continued his activities within the country and came under scrutiny. He resigned from his position as a DJ on the ‘Disk Show’ and went into hiding, attempting to flee. Nevertheless, in December of the same year, he enlisted in the Republic of Korea Army as an active-duty soldier and completed his service before the end of his term. In October 1993, the prosecution issued a warrant for his evasion of military service, but by late December, they confirmed his enlistment in the Republic of Korea Army’s supplemental unit and closed the case without further investigation.)

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If this black-haired foreigner is coming to Korea to earn money and promoting, then he should enlist

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Wow… aren’t the RIIZE members using Galaxy as their business phone right now? Yah……. he’s basically admitting to using iPhone for personal use…. Chanyoung-ah…… what are you gonna do……..? Are you gonna be able to sleep after seeing this situation….?

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Go back to your country

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You can trust on skipping black-haired foreigners