JYR: I feel like
– If I become a mother later on
– I would make this kind of thing for my daughter

MC: Do you want to get married and have a child?

JYR: I didn’t have any opportunity yet but
– I do want a baby

JYR: Because
– I envy my mom every time I look at her
– Because she gave birth to such a good daughter (me <3)

MC: Ah you’re jealous that she gave birth to you?
– What is this?

JYR: Ah because I treat mom really well
– I love my mom so much and I adore her
– So I also wish that my daughter would love me like that
– I often think about this kind of thing

post response:


1. [+94, -17]

But what will she do if she gives birth to a son?ㅋㅋ

2. [+40, -4]

I like seeing how harmonious her family is

3. [+33, -5]

It’s obvious that she received a lot of love and I’m envious

4. [+27, -3]

Even her thoughts are pretty

5. [+21, -5]

Jo Yuri’s mom must be so happy

6. [+13, -1]

I can tell how much love there is in Jo Yuri’s family. Even her younger sister, she always says how she tells her to do everything she wants in life and said that she supports her with her school fees. She said that she was depressed at the beginning of the year and I learned that it was because her father passed awat

7. [+9, -2]

Are you happy to hate on female idols every day? Even in a business post, you can see how pretty her heart is but the post is still filled with downvotes. Pann-girls… ugh