It seems like she really found her perfect styling

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But Chaeyoung has always been pretty no?

2. [+46, -2]

She was always pretty but her looks didn’t fit the group’s conceptsㅠㅠ she would’ve looked better if they came out with a concept like ITZY’s

3. [+38, -5]

Chaeyoung has always been prettyㅜㅜ she only looked like that because she started to experiment with too many different things… she’s the pretties with black hair

4. [+37, -3]

Was it Jihyo? A member from TWICE said that because Chaeyoung was so pretty ever since she was a trainee, they thought that she would be the visual of TWICE. She must be pretty pretty in real life

5. [+24, -1]

Her looks came back once she broke up with her tattooist boyfriend