– But I don’t wanna be perfect

– I’m just talk to people around the world

– I usually always communicate so much using Korean right? Why is nuna whining like this 

– You can go translate yourself

– I wanted to improve and study so I asked them [international fans] to help 

– Meanwhile the international fans have always used translators 

– I’m #1 in terms of having male Melodies fans

– There are male Melodies who come all the way to my fansigns

– But if you come all the way to the fansigns, I really respect you 

– It’s not socially easy to do this among men 

– It’s dangerous to talk about things like this 

– People will wonder since when I’m discriminating between men and women 

– I know that the majority of the pretty and kind Melodies are just enjoying themselves here

– But because of the small amount of people who are offended here, I can’t even say anything 

– Oh who was this just now 

– Who said “look at the way Lee Minhyuk talks”

– And why are YOU talking like that? 

post response:


1. [+97, -1]

Ajussi, you’re not talking to your friends, but to your fans 

2. [+76, -1]

F*ck take Bubble away from him;;; It’s not like he’s been an idol for a day or two f*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He seems to f*cking not understand how this app works;;;

3. [+76, -2]

The go-to method that Hannams use to gaslight people 

4. [+71, -1]

Why is he so bad at distinguishing private from public… This is supposed to be his work, if you don’t like it, you still need to do it, but he’s here complaining the moment he feels offended… Do you know that fans are paying you to talk to them like that ㅋㅋㅋ No but seriously if you were just half ass*ng all your messages, the fans will fangirl on you just fine, but why do the fans need to know when you feel offended~~~ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+64, -1]

This f*cker was so f*cking embarrassing even the other time his controversy broke, I can’t believe there are still fans around ㅋㅋ For real you guys look men crazy 

6. [+36, -0]

There’s this one tooㅋ What kind of idol will talk about contributing to birth rates

– There are so many wedding ceremonies 

– So people really go to all of them 

– Friends, please contribute a bit to the birth rate

– I’m worried about our country 

– You know best what to do right…

– I have this group of close friends that I knew from elementary school 

– With me included, we’re 8 people already?