VIVIZ said that they received 40 songs and chose one that ended up being MANIAC

Considered ITZY’s popularity, they must’ve received way more songs than VIVIZ 

So just why did they pick a song like that?

I heard that big companies receive a lot of songs but why…

This is such a shame

I thought that ever since the last concept photo, it was just too shocking

When I saw this, it was way too shocking

And the Cake song was also just wow…

This concept photo reminded me so much of aespa

Mafia got a lot of divided opinions but the results were find and they got mentioned a lot but

Ever since LOCO, the general public just lost their interest in them

The song also has no part that attract trolls and there’s no focus point either

Sneakers only went up because they sent Chaeryeong on variety show but if you just look at the song alone, it was just meh

They clearly receive a lot of songs but it feels like they don’t have ears to hear

Even if you say that the members are the ones picking the song, the employees are still the ones making the finale decision so are these the best they can pick?…

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1. [+72, -57]

I feel like fans blame the company and songs as their last resort out of ego so it’s kinda sad. 1. They don’t have any member who create buzz like like Jennie, Jang Wonyoung and Karina 2. Absence of their main vocal 3. They don’t have any stan attractor 4. There’s no camaraderie between members. Even if you need a good debut song to get a strong core fanbase, ITZY doesn’t have anything in 1,2,3,4

2. [+71, -7]

To the kids telling others not to blame the company, then are you implying that we should blame the members considering the level of ITZY’s visuals and skills..?

3. [+70, 0]

That’s why I question whether ITZY’s AR team really put in their whole heart into choosing their songs and keeping up with the supply and demand of their releases

4. [+48, 0]

Bet on Me was a good side track and the lyrics were so good. Can they go for that vibe instead?

5. [+44, 0]

JYP have a lot of pretty and talented kids but I do feel like the company sucked at doing their job lately