Maybe because she looked so-so during Black Mamba at the beginning but nowadays, with her mid-length hair + bangs, I really think that she’s the top tier among female idols. Her long hair really cut her looks in half. They really should stick her to short hair

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1. [+167, -20]

It’s so sad how you’re purposely bringing a bad photo of her. She looked pretty with most of her long hair too

2. [+157, -13]

Shut up

3. [+129, -9]

This gif went viral on Twitter and the responses were explosive and she had long hair… The picture in the post was just one bad photo taken in an instant. And her makeup was bad

4. [+122, -17]

Winter with long hair is pretty

5. [+114, -11]

The makeup they did on her that day totally didn’t suit her… It was just a day where the makeup didn’t match Winter. She looked freaking pretty every other times with her long hair