[enter-talk] WOW EVEN MEN EDIT A LOT;;;

This is an influencer with 190K followers.. 

Are all male influencers this different in real life?.. 

Pic 1-6 are all his IG photos and the ones with the orange backgrounds are his real life visuals

post response:


1. [+116, -1]

But even his IG pictures look AI generated in the first place

2. [+109, -0]

No but he’s literally a different person? ㄷㄷ

3. [+97, -1]

What kind of confidence did he have to come out… 

4. [+69, -0]

Instagram is simply a competition to see who is the best at editing 

5. [+65, -0]

At this rate, I bet even his own parents won’t recognize him