Jennie’s part in Whistle… Jennie was seriously born to be a celebrity. I can’t imagine what Jennie would be if she wasn’t a celebrity

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1. [+73, -25]

To be honest, she’s not even a traditional beauty. I’m wondering if she changed Korea’s beauty standard because she’s so charming. I’m not saying that she’s not pretty but that she’s so pretty that people are even overlooking beauty standards

2. [+30, -11]

Jennie is seriously a one and only idol

3. [+21, -19]

No but how can someone be this awesome?

4. [+19, -6]

This exploded on Insta Reels already so I’ve seen it alreadyㅎ

5. [+19, -5]

She’s the epitome of pretty savage..

6. [+14, -3]

Jennie’s body line is too pretty. I know she manages her shoulders but I believe that she’s just born with them… her shoulders were freaking pretty even during her trainee days