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1. [+36, -1]

He’s so talented in so many ways. He’s not called the Legendary BigHit Trainee for nothing. It feels like he’s just showing us more and more every day. He’s too talented
2. [+33, -1]
He really has real talentㄷㄷ
3. [+30, -2]
Their latest performance was too cool. His movements were so clean and he danced so well
4. [+27, -1]
Yeonjunie is talented
5. [+26, -1]
Seriously, he’s too good. His moments and angles are never messy and he perfectly hits every beat with such dynamic that the I feel cathartic when he explodes. In the performance version at around 2:23 when he walked in and did the Michael Jackson reference, his vocals were amazing when he sang “if you walk out that door”