Today is Yuqi’s solo promotion’s last day

And she gave out to every fan 100K won worth of Hai Di Lao gift card!! (~USD 75)

There was around 110 people during the recording, isn’t this insane? 

(1 person 100K won, in total = 11M won) (~USD 8K)

“No but what’s wrong with Song Yuqi???????

She said during the fansign that she would bring us to Hai Di Lao as a joke, but she actually gave out Hai Di Lao gift cards….”

“Crazy Yuqi said that she wanted to eat with Neverlands, but since she couldn’t, she prepared Hai Di Lao gift cards”

“Song Yuqi said that she wanted to eat with us but she couldn’t so she told us to go eat at Hai Di Lao ㅠㅠㅠ She’s such a touching puppy” 

“Our Yuqi told us to go eat after it ended so she gave us a coupon”

The reason Haidilao was given a voucher was because fans joked about it at a fansign before and asked Yuqi to treat them for food? But at that time, Yuqi said that she really wanted to treat them and said that she was still thinking about it and that we would know soon.

She really did it at the end of her promotions… the love for her fans is crazy;;;

Fans: At first, the amount was not written, so everyone thought it would be around 30,000 to 50,000 won, but everyone was shocked when they found out it was 100K won.

“My friend told me there’s 100K won inside”

“Yuqi-ah you’re insane for gifting 100K won per person”

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1. [+161, -13]

Female idols always go all out with their money meanwhile male idols… They are earning way more than female idols, but they’re so cheap on money. This is so comparable 

2. [+70, -4]

This one too, Yuqi gave this to her fans as a tribute, a YUQ1 embroidered rabbit doll…Yuqi said that this was her favorite plushie and she got 250 from Jellycat just to give out to fans 

3. [+59, -7]

Yuji is so genuine 

4. [+57, -3]

Collection of tributes during this solo promotionㅋㅋ

5. [+54, -3]

Wow must be so nice to be a fan, 100K won per person