EPEX Returns with their 1st Full Album, Youth Chapter 1 : YOUTH DAYS

EPEX returns with their 1st full album, Youth Chapter 1 : YOUTH DAYS. The group debuted with 7 out of 8 members as minors and focused on expressing boys’ anxiety and the beginning of love throughout their past six mini-albums.

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Now, in 2024 as adults, EPEX hopes to tell new stories as they stand amid youth with Youth Chapter 1 : YOUTH DAYS, the first album in their youth trilogy full-studio album series. 

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“It’s the first comeback for all members as adults, and the first full album since our debut! Moreover, this album contains the keyword “youth,” so it’s filled with affection and sincerity. The title song “Youth2Youth” is a song with a perfect storyline, and I believe nothing is lacking in this track’s choreography, lyrics, or any other aspect. We prepared it with the eagerness to share it with our fans as soon as possible. We’ll do our best to convey this overwhelming and exciting sentiment on stage. I believe this album will be a turning point for EPEX.”WISH, Member of EPEX

The album includes eight new songs. The title track, 청춘에게 (Youth2Youth),” tells the stories that the narrator, as a youth, wishes to tell other youths. “KILLSHOT’ delivers a strong message of eliminating oppression and what prevents you from fully being yourself.

“Breathe in Love” describes the uncontrollable feeling pure love brings, to the point of not being able to breathe. The song “Painkiller,” is about being a light that melts away the pain of youth. “Dominate” is a rap unit song (KEUM, BAEKSENG, AYDEN, and JEFF) that expresses the helplessness and despair youth face that is controlled by invisible forces.

“Lay Up” brings to light concerns about the power and energy only youth have and the responsibility that comes with it. 말할 있는 비밀 (My Secret)” is a vocal unit song (WISH, MU, A-MIN, and YEWANG) that talks about the feeling of only being able to share my secrets with you. The album concludes with the track, 졸업식 (Graduation Day),” which was pre-released on February 5th.

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