Eris Infuriated At Reason EXO Is Excluded from 2024 SM Artists Season’s Greetings: ‘This company is a trash…’

EXO-Ls exploded in anger and frustration after it was revealed that EXO was excluded from SM artists’ season’s greetings for THIS reason.

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EXO Excluded in 2024 SM Artists’ Season’s Greetings

On October 24, the pre-order for 2024 SM Artists’ Season’s Greetings officially started through various online stores.

Ahead of the day, SM Entertainment teased Pink Bloods (SM stans) with the concept of each artist for its season’s greetings. The groups included were TVXQ, Super Junior, Red Velvet, NCT Dream, NCT 127, WayV, aespa, and RIIZE.

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(Photo : SMCU Express (News1))

While the fandoms of the aforementioned were impressed by the concept teaser, people noticed that groups Girls’ Generation, SHINee, and EXO were missing from the lineup.

Immediately after Shawols (SHINee fandom), SONEs (SNSD fandom), and EXO-Ls (EXO fandom) conveyed their complaints, SM released a statement saying that the remaining artists’ SGs will have its pre-order opened in November, due to delayed filming for the season’s greetings.

Eris Infuriated At Reason EXO Was Excluded from 2024 SM Artists Season's Greetings: 'This company is a trash...'

(Photo : 2024 SM Artists Season’s Greetings (Twitter))

Unfortunately, EXO was once again excluded from the notice. Even on the official website for SM artists, only SHINee and SNSD have a “Coming Soon” teaser.

As a result, fans concluded that the company ultimately decided not to include the group in its next year’s SG.

Reason EXO Is Excluded From SM Artists Angers Eris

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(Photo : Twitter: @weareoneEXO)

Indeed, EXO-Ls were frustrated that they wouldn’t be having a season’s greetings from the group for next year, while other artists will have theirs.

But the biggest question is: “Why was EXO excluded?”

Initially, there are speculations that this has something to do with the group’s contracts with the company.

Recently, revisions were made after EXO-CBX (Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin) filed a lawsuit against SM to terminate their contracts due to unfair terms.

While the three decided to finish their remaining years after discussion, Baekhyun already announced his plan to launch his own company. Also, member D.O., just left the company, thus, their schedules might be conflicting.

But Eris can’t help but swear on the company after an SM staff responded on the reason why EXO won’t have their SG for next year.

In a post, a Korean netter shared that her friend recently contacted SM Entertainment to inquire about EXO’s Season’s Greetings but the staff response was that “SM didn’t make one for EXO.”

When the fan’s friend tried to get more details, the staff only responded:

“Don’t ask us because we don’t know.”

The said staff apparently came from Center 5, which is the team responsible for EXO and RIIZE. Eris is disappointed that they responded that they didn’t know when they were the ones who had to prepare the merch.

For further action, EXO-Ls fan bases also decided to call out SM Entertainment through a hashtag protest to urge SM Entertainment to release an official notice confirming EXO won’t be releasing their 2024 Season’s Greetings and the reason behind it.