‘Escape’ Stars Lee Je Hoon, Goo Kyo Hwan Taken Aback by Fan’s Bad Joke: ‘Give Me Refund’

Lee Je Hoon and Goo Kyo Hwan can’t hide their surprise after getting a bad joke from a fan during the stage greeting for their movie “Escape.”

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Prior to the movie’s release, the lead stars have been doing press conferences and stage greetings to promote the upcoming film and meet their fans.

Released on July 3, “Escape” centers around North Korean Sergeant Kyu Nam, played by Lee Je Hoon, whose long-term plan is to escape to South Korea and live a different life.

Unfortunately, his plan failed after Kyu Nam was spotted by State Security Department Major Hyun Sang after he attempted to flee through the military camp near the DMZ.

Interestingly, Hyun Sang recognized Kyu Nam from childhood, and instead of being labeled as a defector, he was hailed as a hero for catching a deserter.

Since the official release of the movie, “Escape” kicked off at the box office with a good start.

However, it seemed like not everyone was impressed with how the movie went after a viewer showed rudeness towards the “Escape” cast.

Lee Je Hoon and Goo Kyo Hwan Received Rude Comment From a Fan

In a report, Lee Je Hoon and Goo Kyo Hwan visited movie theaters in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province as part of the promotional activities for the movie “Escape.”

Lee Je Hoon, Goo Kyo Hwan
(Photo : Yonhap News)

Interacting with the audience, Lee Je Hoon asked the viewers if they enjoyed the movie.

While most of the audience said “yes,” one female fan disagreed and boldly said “no.”

Lee Je Hoon tried to lighten up the environment with his witty response, saying, “I think you’ll enjoy it if you watch it again.”

Surprisingly, the female fan responded rudely and said, “No, I want you to refund me. I want a refund at Seoul Forest (a park in Seoul)!”

While Lee Je Hoon was trying to talk to the fan, “Escape” co-star Goo Kyi Hwan seemed surprised by the reaction, which made him look at the female fan seriously.

“Oh, really? I’ll give your money back right now,” Lee Je Hoon jokingly commented and even gestured that he was pulling money out of his pocket, but he blurted out a remark, saying, “Nah, I’m kidding.”

Interestingly, the fan seemed to have a reason why she reacted that way.

Did Lee Je Hoon Really Mentioned the Refund in a Previous Interview?

During the “Escape” stars guest appearance in “Salon Drip,” Lee Je Hoon showed confidence in their movie.

At one point, he even assured fans that they would get their money’s worth because of how entertaining it was.

“If you don’t like the movie, feel free to come tell me,” he said, adding, “Let’s meet in front of Seoul Forest. If you come and say you didn’t like the movie and ask for a refund, I’ll give you the money.”

The actor also joked that he will join the viewer who will claim the refund, but it is “half-and-half.”

His comment garnered the attention of fans and even became a meme.