“Europe Outside Your Tent” Returns With New Season Starring Ra Mi Ran, Jo Bo Ah, Han Ga In and Ryu Hye Young

Girl power, it is for the new edition of Europe Outside Your Tent!

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Europe Outside Your Tent is a camping entertainment program in which members travel around Europe on a freeway, using camping sites instead of hotels, rental cars instead of trains, and local supermarkets instead of restaurants.

Earlier this year, Jo Jin Woong, Choi Won Young, Park Myung Hoon, and Kwon Yul boasted great chemistry in the Spanish setting, while Yoo Hae Jin, Jin Seon Gyu, Park Ji Hwan, and Yoon Kyun Sang received much love for their unrivaled chemistry in the great outdoors of Norway.

For its latest season, the show features female cast members for the first time.

First, Ra Mi Ran, a self-proclaimed professional camper, confirmed her appearance. She is a famous camping enthusiast and is the one who introduced many fellow celebrities, including actor Lee Do Hyun and comedian Kim Sook, to camping.

The production team also drew attention by saying that she was the first person they thought of while planning the upcoming season. However, for ‘professional camper’ Ra Mi-ran, camping abroad is also her first time. Attention is also focused on her performance as she attempts her first overseas camping trip through Europe Outside Your Tent.

Next, Jo Bo Ah who goes well with her camping style, also affirmed her appearance. In the past, through Law of the Jungle, she showed her unique lovely and bright energy even in the extreme environment of eating and sleeping in the open and is the perfect person for the romance of camping and living in a tent.

In addition, she showed off its uninhibited taste and honest charm in Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant. So, expectations are focused on what kind of realistic appearance will capture the hearts of viewers in Europe Outside Your Tent.

Meanwhile, Han Ga In takes on her first reality entertainment challenge through Europe Outside Your Tent. Han Ga In is a so-called “camping illiterate” who has never gone camping and does not know what the charm of camping is, but she expressed her desire to learn about the beauty of camping through this opportunity.

She also revealed that she has never traveled alone since her marriage, and she plans to represent the feelings of mothers who dream of traveling alone. You will be able to get a glimpse into her real daily life that has not been easily seen before.

Lastly, Ryu Hye Young, who built a relationship with Ra Mi Ran through Reply 1988, will be with the seasoned actress as her strong supporter. In fact, Ryu Hye Young, who got into camping thanks to Rami Ran, is a motivated new camper who is completely absorbed in purchasing her own equipment.

Recently, she has been Ra Mi Ran’s camping mate and student who went camping with her, and she is expected to play the role of Ra’s right hand. As a new camper who has just opened his eyes to camping, look forward to seeing how she will spread the charm of camping to Han Ga In and Jo Bo Ah, who have no camping experience.

Producer Hong Jin-joo, who directs the new season of Europe Outside Your Tent expresses thoughts about the new season.

I am both ‘nervous’ and ‘excited’ about this season’s cast. We recently had a preliminary meeting, and all four of them decided what they wanted to do, go and go. They constantly talk about ideas about where they want to go. I’m very nervous because I think the unexpected situation will embarrass even the production team. You will be able to see the honest and unique charms of the four actors who are sincerely committed to the camping trip. Please give us a lot of interest.

This time, Europe Outside Your Tent heads to southern France. Attention is being paid to the activities of the four people who will write a new healing camping trip against the backdrop of southern France.

Source: enews IMBC