Everglow ZOMBIE MV Review: Amazing Eerie Concept That Truly Feels Like a Group Comeback

The long-awaited release of Everglow ZOMBIE MV has set the K-pop world abuzz with excitement! Dropping at 6 PM KST on June 10, 2024, this highly anticipated title track from their 5th single album showcases the group’s extraordinary talent and artistic evolution. As expected, the group has once again captivated their audience, seamlessly blending an eerie concept with their signature enchanting sound.

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This song not only highlights their musical prowess but also stands as a testament to their continuous growth and innovation in the industry. The palpable excitement surrounding this release is a clear indicator of Everglow’s enduring impact and the anticipation their projects consistently generate among fans worldwide.

Everglow ZOMBIE MV Review

Everglow has built a reputation with their “girl crush” anthems, but ZOMBIE signifies a departure from this familiar territory. The MV is a visual treat, blending an eerie aesthetic with a chill vibe. Despite a relatively modest budget, the creative execution of the video ensures it doesn’t feel lacking. The group’s choice to explore a zombie-themed concept adds a refreshing twist to their repertoire, proving that they are not afraid to experiment with new styles.

The vocals in ZOMBIE are impressive, though the song feels a bit light lyrically between choruses. The transitions between verses and choruses happen quickly, giving the track a somewhat rushed feel. However, the chorus is undeniably catchy, with a haunting quality that fits the zombie theme perfectly. The softer vocal delivery in the chorus adds to the eerie atmosphere, making it memorable and engaging.

Everglow ZOMBIE MV Review: Amazing Eerie Concept That Truly Feels Like a Group Comeback

Choreography plays a significant role in the MV’s appeal. The dance moves during the chorus are particularly fun to watch, enhancing the overall spooky yet captivating vibe of the song. This eerie concept, especially as a summer release, stands out as both innovative and trendy, aligning with the current shift towards more ambient and softer music trends.

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This song represents a successful attempt by Everglow to explore new sounds while maintaining their unique identity. The drums in the chorus, for instance, are a signature Everglow element, providing a sense of familiarity amidst the new concept. This balance between innovation and continuity is crucial for the group’s sustained success and relevance in the competitive K-pop industry.

Everglow ZOMBIE MV Review: Amazing Eerie Concept That Truly Feels Like a Group ComebackEverglow ZOMBIE MV Review: Amazing Eerie Concept That Truly Feels Like a Group Comeback

Everglow’s previous comeback with Slay faced some criticism for being repetitive. Fans noted that the group seemed to be stuck in a 2019 soundscape, recycling similar concepts. With ZOMBIE, Everglow addresses these concerns by branching out and showcasing their versatility. This willingness to take creative risks highlights their commitment to growth and adaptation.

ZOMBIE is a testament to Everglow’s ability to innovate while staying true to their roots. It may not resonate with everyone, particularly those who favoured their “girl crush” era, but it undeniably marks an important step in their evolution. The song’s eerie yet easy-listening quality is a nod to current musical trends, offering something fresh and engaging without completely abandoning their established sound.

While this song might not become a staple on every fan’s playlist, it solidifies the groups reputation for creativity and adaptability. This release demonstrates their readiness to embrace new concepts and experiment with their music, promising an exciting future for the group.

Watch Everglow ZOMBIE MV Below

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Everglow 5th single album ZOMBIE is now avalible on all the music platform.

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