EVNNE Lee Jeonghyeon Opens Up on Heartbreaking Screen Time Snub on ‘Boys Planet’

During a recent installment of the widely-watched variety program “The K-Star Next Door,” a group of former contestants from the reality television competition “Boys Planet” seized the opportunity to open up about their journeys.

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This group included individuals such as Keita, Mun Junghyun, Park Jihoo, Park Hanbin, Yoo Seungeon, Lee Jeonghyeon, and Ji Yunseo. Notably, these contestants had previously generated excitement among their fan base by unveiling their forthcoming debut as the project group “EVNNE,” managed by Jellyfish Entertainment.

Lee Jeonghyeon’s Respectful Response

EVNNE is gearing up for the release of their first mini-album, “Target: Me” . Prior to their official debut, members Park Hanbin, Yoo Seungeon, Lee Jeonghyeon, and Keita joined host Jonathan Thona to discuss their journey and challenges on “Boys Planet.”

During the episode, the EVNNE members touched upon their elimination from “Boys Planet” and the disappointments they encountered while participating in the competitive show.


(Photo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8mW4jrjwXg&t=794s)

Jonathan Thona singled out member Lee Jeonghyeon, acknowledging his remarkable talent that had earned him a spot in the finals despite limited screen time on the show.

Lee Jeonghyeon candidly shared that he had entered “Boys Planet” with high expectations, having put tremendous effort into his practice sessions.

However, he expressed his disappointment in being barely featured on television, feeling that he was mainly shown for his reactions rather than his performances. He recalled a single instance where he appeared on TV for just one second during a performance.

In response, Lee Jeonghyeon’s fellow EVNNE members acknowledged his unwavering dedication to reach the finals despite the challenges posed by his limited screen time.

EVNNE Lee Jeonghyun

(Photo : https://www.instagram.com/evnne_official/?hl=en)

Jonathan Thona humorously asked if Lee Jeonghyeon had any criticisms to share with the “Boys Planet” producer, cheekily mentioning their friendship.

However, Lee Jeonghyeon chose a path of respect and refrained from criticizing the producer. Instead, he reiterated how he had managed to secure a spot in the finals despite the hurdles stemming from his minimal screen exposure.

As EVNNE’s debut date approaches, fans eagerly anticipate the group’s future endeavors and the insights they continue to offer about their experiences on “Boys Planet.”

Meanwhile,Mnet’s popular K-pop idol survival show, “Boys Planet,” has recently been embroiled in a series of controversies surrounding alleged vote manipulation and favoritism towards certain contestants.