Ex-BIGBANG TOP Hints at Solo Comeback: ‘As Korean Artist, This Experience…’

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VIPs, rejoice! While former BIGBANG T.O.P delivered the sad cancellation of his “dearMoon” project, the idol raised anticipation as he teased new music soon!

On June 1, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, the organizer of the first civilian lunar flight project “dearMoon,” brought the news that it has been canceled.

In 2022, the mission was revealed to the public and gained much attention from K-pop fans as one of the selected members included the former BIGBANG T.O.P.

Ex-BIGBANG TOP Hints at Solo Comeback: 'As Korean Artist, This Experience...'
(Photo : T.O.P (News1))

It was initially scheduled to be launched in November 2023.

However, it was postponed as the SpaceX’s giant Starship was still in development. Six months later, it was absolutely canceled.

On June 2 then, T.O.P took to his personal Instagram to express his regrets that it will not be pursued, but still extended his gratitude to Yusaku Maezawa who gave him the chance to be part of the beautiful project.

He then attested to fans that he will not give up on his dream to visit the moon yet, but in the meantime, he will use his passion and energy to release new music soon, teasing a solo comeback.

Ex-BIGBANG TOP Hints at Solo Comeback: 'As Korean Artist, This Experience...'
(Photo : T.O.P (News1))

T.O.P penned:

“Over the last few years since joining ‘dearMoon’, I feel that my body and soul have forged a deep, direct connection with the moon. My imagination has expanded to places I would have never expected as I prepared for moon exploration.

As a Korean artist, this experience has had a profound impact on my life and the music I make. My body and soul connected with the moon and space has already inspired me to compose a lot of new music, some of which I look forward to sharing soon. The moon has and will continue to nourish my soul and fill me up with meaning and inspiration forever.”

Ex-BIGBANG TOP Hints at Solo Comeback: 'As Korean Artist, This Experience...'
(Photo : T.O.P (News1))

He continued:

My dream to travel to the moon is not over. It has become the ultimate and greatest goal of my life, an official challenge, and a core mission for my life. […] will never give up on my dreams, and I will continue to pursue new adventures that challenge me. This is for everyone who strives with love.”

Meanwhile, T.O.P made his name known as a member of BIGBANG launched by YG Entertainment in 2006. They made their name known through megahits, “Fantastic Baby,” “BANG BANG BANG,” “Haru Haru,” “LOSER” and more.

Unfortunately, in 2023 he left the team after his contract with the label expired and went on with his new path as a businessman and artist.

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Fortunately, T.O.P hasn’t closed the door yet of releasing solo music in the future, with him hinting that he’s working on new songs!

In the meantime, fans especially VIPs (BIGBANG fans) can anticipate the male icon’s appearance in season 2 of the Netflix series, “Squid Game,” which is scheduled to be released in the second half of the year.

This will be his first comeback on the small screen in nine years after starring in “The Secret Message” aired in 2015 through Naver TV.