Ex-IZ*ONE Nako’s Intriguing Post About Being Hit On Reaches Over 16M Views — Here’s Why

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On her X account, former IZ*ONE Nako brought up an anecdote about being hit on by a guy, but THESE certain DETAILS made it MORE INTRIGUING, which led the post to garner over 16 million views.

Earlier on May 11, Yabuki Nako took to her social media platform on X to share an anecdote about receiving a confession from a guy on the street.

She revealed that she was chased on the street by a random guy and was told:

“I’m not trying to pick you up or anything, but you’re my type.’ I was told like that, but is this not a flirting attempt?”

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This already distressed the 22-year-old star, but what icked her, even more, was that she was hit on without makeup and with her mask on.

She expressed that she was weirded out by the confession and added:

“I guess it’s true. I wasn’t even wearing any makeup and I was wearing a mask. I was also wearing an outfit that didn’t look like I would be hit on. What a weirdo.”

After honestly describing what happened at the time, his first post immediately went viral among Japanese netters and garnered over 16.3 million views. Meanwhile, her second post has about 1.6 million reach.

Among the comments, there are fans who teased Nako and praised her natural beauty that couldn’t be hidden behind a mask:

  • “It’s possible because she’s pretty even without makeup.”
  • “I want to see Nako, too. She’s really pretty in person.”
  • “Nako is cute even without makeup, so I think her aura was hard to hide.”
  • “It means you’re cute even if you don’t do anything. That’s good.”
  • “If he hit on her without realizing it was Yabuki Nako, then he has such good taste.”

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However, other Japanese were also annoyed and felt icked with how the guy attempted to flirt with Nako, commenting:

  • “I guess it’s because it’s easier to hit on someone like this (without makeup). But I feel like I’m being looked down upon and it pisses me off so much.”
  • “This person may be beautiful, but guys who pick up on women tend to approach them based on whether they can hook up, rather than whether they are pretty or not. So it’s not weird of her to think, ‘Why at a time like this?”

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Meanwhile, Nako debuted as a member of the Japanese girl group HKT48 in 2013. Nako, who was active in Japan, made her face known in Korea by appearing on Mnet’s survival program “Produce 48” in 2018.

Nako re-debuted as a member of the group IZ*ONE, ranking 6th in the finale on the audition program. After her IZ*ONE activities ended, she returned to Japan and opened her new career as an actress.