Ex-MOMOLAND Daisy Reveals Idol Skincare Tips

Former MOMOLAND Daisy has revealed three skincare tips she followed religiously during her idol days!

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For those who don’t remember, Daisy debuted as a member of MOMOLAND in 2017. During her time in the group, she was their main rapper. However, she went on hiatus in 2019 and officially left the group in 2020. Prior to her withdrawal, she was in a lawsuit against MLD Entertainment after revealing the company forced her to pay unfair fees for her debut.

Now that she is active as an influencer rather than an idol, Daisy often answers questions sent to her on TikTok. Most recently, she revealed the skincare tips she followed while promoting as a member of MOMOLAND.

Ex-MOMOLAND Daisy Stresses the Importance of Vitamin C

Recently, a fan asked Daisy what her skincare routine was while she was an idol. Daisy then told fans that she would be divulging her skincare secrets from the good old days.

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Her first tip was to apply vitamin C, as it helps brighten and even out your skin tone. It is also good for smoothing out skin texture and can help lighten acne scars. If you want to get rid of bumps and make your skin look smooth and bright, then you need vitamin C!

One vitamin C product Daisy currently swears by is the Dr. Althea Vitamin C Boosting Serum.

Former MOMOLAND Daisy Reveals Idol Secrets With THIS Skincare Tip

Another vital part of her skincare routine is the removal of products. As idols, they need to have a seamless base, as make-up gets constantly reapplied to their skin throughout the day. Because of that, they need to make sure their skin is cleansed properly to avoid any blemishes.

Ex-MOMOLAND Daisy Reveals Idol Skincare Tips
Ex-MOMOLAND Daisy Reveals Idol Skincare Tips
(Photo : Daisy Instagram)

Daisy reveals that some idols even cleanse their faces at the studio right after their schedule so that they can go home with a bare face.

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Currently, Daisy uses both a cleansing oil and a foam cleanser. The cleansing oil she uses is Numbuzin’s No. 1 Easy Peasy cleansing oil. The foam cleanser, on the other hand, is the Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam from SKIN1004.

MOMOLAND Daisy Shows Unique Alternatives to Sheet Masks

The last tip she mentioned is religious using sheet masks. Daisy confessed that she uses one every day! While she acknowledges that some people don’t agree with using sheet masks every day, it is what works for her and what she will continue doing. She reveals that it was once a trend to do so in South Korea, and there was even a popular term for it: “1 Day, 1 Pack.”

Ex-MOMOLAND Daisy Reveals Idol Skincare Tips
Ex-MOMOLAND Daisy Reveals Idol Skincare Tips
(Photo : Daisy Instagram)

Daisy reveals that she keeps her face masks in her refrigerator, so that when she applies them to her face, they cool down the temperature of her skin.

If you do not have sheet masks, she recommends using toner pads as a substitute. Simply apply some toner pads to your cheeks and forehead.

If you do not have toner pads, you can simply take a cotton pad, apply some toner, and stick it on your face.

Will you be applying her skincare tips? Tell us in the comments below!