Ex-MOMOLAND Nancy Signs Contract With THIS Agency — Details Inside

Former MOMOLAND member Nancy has officially inked a contract with the emerging entertainment agency ATOC (formerly known as UAP).

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The news broke on September 21, sending ripples through the K-pop community and leaving fans eager for the inside scoop on this unexpected career move.

Nancy Signs Contract With ATOC Formerly UAP

Nancy’s transition to ATOC means that she now shares an agency with Jini, a former member of NMIXX who is currently preparing for her solo debut, making significant waves in the dynamic world of K-pop.

The convergence of these talents under one roof has intensified the anticipation surrounding their upcoming projects.

Nancy & Jini

(Photo : Instagram) Nancy, Jini

The decision to join ATOC caught many fans by surprise, as they had been eagerly awaiting Nancy’s next career move after MOMOLAND disbanded this year, following their departure from MLD Entertainment in January.

This strategic career move by Nancy indicates her intention to diversify her talents and explore new horizons.

One of the highlights of Nancy’s evolving career is her upcoming role in the musical theater production, titled “The Show! Shilla Hada,” set to run for an impressive 42 performances from October 19 to December 6.

This move into musical theater showcases her versatility as an artist and promises to captivate audiences in a new way.

In addition to her foray into musical theater, Nancy has embraced brand representation as the ambassador for Chow Tai Fook HUá collection, a renowned Hong Kong-based jewelry brand.

These multi-faceted career pursuits underscore the exciting and dynamic future that lies ahead for her.

Nancy’s decision to explore diverse opportunities reflects a broader trend among former MOMOLAND members.

MOMOLAND Disbandment Opens Doors: Members Pursue Fresh Opportunities

As for her former MOMOLAND counterparts, Nayun was the first to embark on a new journey, having recently signed with the MYNEST Company, an acting label, earlier this September.


(Photo : instagram|@nancyjewel_mcdonie_@)


(Photo : instagram|@nancyjewel_mcdonie_@)

With Nancy’s latest move to ATOC, it appears that the members of the disbanded group are eager to explore fresh opportunities and chart their own individual paths in the entertainment industry.

While the disbandment of MOMOLAND was undoubtedly a bittersweet moment for fans, it has paved the way for these talented artists to follow their passions and explore new horizons.

With Nancy’s signing with ATOC, it seems the second chapter of her career is poised for success, leaving fans eagerly awaiting her future endeavors.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in the world of K-Pop and entertainment.