Ex-NMIXX JINI announces her solo debut

JINI (Choi Yunjin), who abruptly left her group and terminated her exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment, is drawing attention with the news of her solo debut

JINI announced her solo debut on Instagram, etc. on Sep 14th. JINI’s agency ATOC reported the same news.

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choi junjin

JINI and the agency also released a promotion timetable image for her first EP album “An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove”. According to the timetable, starting with album trailer film on Sep 18th, concept images, album tracklist, concept track films, title track visualizer, album cover image, pre-release track music video and title song music video teasers will be released sequentially.

The album’s name “An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove” has the conflicting meanings of “Velvet Glove”, which means soft and beautiful, and “Iron Hand”, which implies firmness and toughness. This is a name containing JINI’s unique charm that will be shown through solo activities.

choi junjin

The agency said, “JINI’s first EP album ‘An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove’ is an album that stands out with JINI’s unique sensibility and attractive tone. JINI plans to carry out various promotions for fans who have been waiting for a long time, so please look forward to JINI’s next steps.”

On Oct 11th, a fan showcase will be broadcast live online through YouTube along with the release of the album.

nmixx choi junjin

Previously, there were rumors in the industry that JINI was preparing for her solo debut after leaving NMIXX and JYP Entertainment. When rumors of JINI’s solo debut emerged about 3 months after the news of JINI’s mysterious withdrawal from the group broke out, many people expressed doubts at that time.

There is no detail on why JINI suddenly left JYP Entertainment. JYP Entertainment only announced that JINI was leaving NMIXX due to personal reasons and that her exclusive contract was also being terminated.

Source: Wikitree