Ex-NU’EST’s Aron sets 3-day fan meet prices starting at 990,000 won

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Article: Former NU’EST member Aron’s 3-day MT ticket prices under controversy

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

[+140] Considering the prices of regular fan signings… isn’t it pretty decent…?

[+84] I’d definitely pay that to get to go on a 3-day trip with my favorite singer. It’s your choice in the end. Why are the people who aren’t even going up in arms over it?

[+42] That’s a unique way to hold a fan meet

[+33] There are people who spend thousands just to get into fan signings, this isn’t even that bad. I’d do it for my bias. Sometimes you don’t even get into fan signings even after dropping thousands..!

[+20] Why are people calling this expensive..? You need to spend over a thousand for most fan signings…

[+3] I guess people who aren’t into fandom stuff will think it’s expensive ㅋㅋ but a chance to hang out with my bias for three days? I’m in.

[+8] 990,000 won is super cheap to get to go on vacation with my bias

[+2] I think it’s a decent price for a 3-day fan meeting…

[+7] I think that’s crazy..

[+3] I think it’s worth… you basically get to hang out, eat, sleep, play with your bias… up close with him for three days. Most fan signings cost that much just to get in and spend a few hours with them. 

[+4] So you just hang out with him for three days? Eat, sleep?