[EXCLUSIVE] EPEX Tackles Exploring Other Music Genres, World Tour, Collab With Idols, Acting Gigs, More!

Here, the team also teased ZENITHs about their world tour, collab with other artists, as well as future solo and acting gigs.

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[EXCLUSIVE] EPEX Tackles Exploring Other Music Genres, World Tour, Collab With Idols, Acting Gigs, More!
(Photo : EPEX group concept photo (C9 Entertainment))

1. This is the first time that EPEX will release a full-length album since its debut. How will this album, “Youth Chapter 1: Youth Days,” differ from all of your past releases? Is this the start of a new era for EPEX?

A-MIN: This album marks a new start for us. As all the members have turned adults and we’re telling even more mature stories, it feels distinctly different from our previous work as a group.

KEUM: Since everyone has become adults, we aimed to show a more serious, earnest side!

YEWANG: It certainly has more tracks as it is a full-length album, and the themes of the songs, including the lyrics, have matured significantly. Since all the members are now adults and it’s our first album telling the stories of youth, we can say it represents a new beginning.

2. The title track of the album, “Youth2Youth,” depicts empathetic lyrics that touch on the topic of emotional & mental health. Can you elaborate on the special meaning or message behind this song?

WISH: “Youth2Youth” is filled with messages from us as youth to people in their youth. We made an effort to convey everything about youth, portraying not only its perceived brilliance by others but also the hardships and pain experienced by the youth themselves.

MU: We aim to provide comfort and strength to everyone in their youth. Our sincere feelings are deeply embedded in the lyrics, so it would be great if the listeners could focus on the lyrics.

[EXCLUSIVE] EPEX Tackles Exploring Other Music Genres, World Tour, Collab With Idols, Acting Gigs, More!
(Photo : EPEX tracklist (C9 Entertainment))

3. The album contains a total of eight tracks including the pre-release single, “Graduation Day” and “Youth2Youth.” During recording, which song captured the members’ attention the most that you want fans to look forward to as well?

BAEKSEUNG: The rap unit song “Dominate” comes to my mind first. It’s the first song we’ve recorded that’s our original song instead of a cover as a unit. In addition, since it involved only rap members without vocalists, it felt somewhat new compared to our other songs.

AYDEN: The most memorable song for me is “KILLSHOT.” Because it has a different vibe compared to the rest of the album, I made sure to deliver captivating rap lines from the first verse to keep the listeners engaged as soon as they listen to the track. While recording “Painkiller,” I was particularly fond of the lyrics “With you my world is always heaven,” and I couldn’t wait to share this song with our fans.

JEFF: Personally, “Dominate” left the deepest impression on me. Since I was in charge of the vocal parts among the rappers, I recorded a lot of vocal parts, which made me realize how difficult the main vocalist’s role is.

4. Amid the fierce competition of K-pop groups releasing comebacks in April, how would you like EPEX to be remembered by music fans and listeners through this album?

MU: It would be great if they could remember the name ‘EPEX’ at least once. I’d like to hear people say, “They’re good, they’re cool, and I’m looking forward to what’s next from them!”

YEWANG: I hope EPEX is remembered as a group with great songs and a group that people can trust and eagerly await a comeback. Personally, I’m drawn to a group if the music is good, so I hope EPEX is remembered as such a group by the public.

5. EPEX in the past years has tried various concepts and genres from your 1st EP, “Bipolar Pt. 1 Prelude of Anxiety,” to your 6th EP, “Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 2. Can We Surrender?”.

Is there any particular concept or genre that you want to try next in the future?

WISH: I can’t even imagine it yet, but I’d like to try a sexy concept in the future.

JEFF: Now that we’re all over 20, I’d like to try a more sentimental concept.

A-MIN: There’s a genre that all the members have been wanting to try consistently, and it’s the old-school genre. Even though all the members were born in the 2000s, I’d like to try old-school music reinterpreted in EPEX’s unique style.

6. If you were given the opportunity to collaborate with another K-pop idol, which artist would you like it to be?

KEUM: I’d love to share the stage with TAEMIN!

AYDEN: I want to perform a song filled with encouraging messages like “Fighting” with BSS (SEVENTEEN)! I feel confident about performing energetically on stage.

7. EPEX has grown so much since debut. As a three-year-old EPEX, where do you see the group and yourself five years from now?

BAEKSEUNG: I hope there are a lot of changes for EPEX in the next five years! I hope we will become a much cooler group, not just by a little. It would be great if we could be the kind of group everyone wants to emulate and learn from.

JEFF: In five years, I imagine EPEX to grow bigger so that everyone knows about us when asked about EPEX randomly on the streets.

WISH: While various images come to mind, the future we keep envisioning is EPEX winning at the Billboard Music Awards. EPEX, fighting!

8. EPEX and ZENITHs are surely anticipating your future world tour. If you could choose, which city or country do you want to visit the most and which activity would you like to try while there?

A-MIN: I’ve been consistently thinking about how I’d like EPEX to tour countries outside of Asia.

Personally, I’d love to go to a country famous for its soccer leagues like Europe, perform there, and watch a live soccer game.

YEWANG: I’d love to go on a tour in America. Seeing senior artists who have toured there, I noticed that the atmosphere in the concert venues there is quite different, and I’d love to experience that feeling myself.

9. Fans might have been curious about the members’ solo careers as well. Can you give us a hint about your future solo plans and activities? Who is interested in acting? How about releasing a solo album?

AYDEN: I think Donghyun (KEUM), who has been acting the longest and the most, is the member who is highly interested in acting. Although it’s still early for a solo album, I want to improve more and release a great rap album filled with my own stories in the future.

MU: Personally, I want to challenge myself in various ways. I graduated from an art school’s theater department and even acted in a drama called ‘Cats Dream’. Since I have a lot of interest in acting, if there’s an opportunity, I’d like to challenge myself with acting again.

10. ZENITHs have shown loyal support since your debut in 2021. Is there something you want to say to the fans who gave you all so much love?

BAEKSEUNG: To all the ZENITH out there, thank you so much for always supporting and loving us!! I’ll keep working hard to make you feel more proud of us. Love you all~

KEUM: ZENITH! Just as you’ve continuously showered us with love, we’ll send infinite love back to you!