EXID & Apink both perform standout 6-song sets at Korea University’s festival

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It’s university festival season in Korea, which means a lot of your faves are making the rounds to get paid by the fees of college kids. But I wanted to highlight two in particular with EXID and Apink at Korea University’s festival. Why them and why now? Because I liked them the most and they provided everybody with some good fucking food.

Anyway, apparently EXID wasn’t even announced beforehand, but they surprised everybody by showing up and killing a six-song set of “DDD“, “L.I.E“, “I Love You“, “Hot Pink“, “Forever“*, and “Up & Down“.

*Korea University’s cheer song.

It just rules how they can just do what they like now, and I kind of see it as the ideal for the future of other groups as well. Just get together whenever their schedules allow and cook.

Meanwhile, Apink also came through with a six-song set of “I’m So Sick“, “D N D“, “Forever”, “Dumhdurum“, “NoNoNo“, and “Mr. Chu” that had the crowd similarly engaged.

With all the vocals discourse emerging in K-pop nowadays, these two groups seem built to showcase the positives of having at least one or two who can fuck it up vocally if they need to, as sometimes their songs can be a lot more dynamic.

Also, it was very funny to me that a lot of the top comments were about how Korea University is trying to get all the 2.5 generation fans to attend by rolling them out there. That’s right. Hag power, dammit.