EXO-CBX Refutes SM’s Tampering Claims, “We Ask SM To Disclose Their Standards Of Tampering”

On June 10th, INB100, the agency of EXO-CBX, released an official statement, saying, “Chairman Cha Ga-won and CEO Shin Dong-hyun feel deeply regretful about SM’s repeated claims of tampering so they would like to ask SM to disclose their standards of tampering. Moreover, they express their intention to respond to SM strongly, including seeking all civil and criminal responsibilities for defamation and the spread of false information by SM”.

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Earlier on the same day, SM Entertainment refuted the content of INB100’s press conference and raised suspicions over tampering again. In this regard, INB100 countered, “The fact that SM once again forgot their duty and issued a position that diverted from the essence of the matter through nitpicking and making irrelevant comments is very absurd and petty”.

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They insisted, “CBX members have decided to give up on the exclusive contract dơn payment and continue doing EXO activities under SM. Only their individual activities are carried out separately. That’s why they established a separate company and needed a distributor to release their albums and music. SM initially asked CBX for a share of 10% in sales and offered to reduce Kakao’s distribution fee to 5.5% instead, which CBX accepted. Despite SM making the offers themselves, they are going back on their promises now”.

INB100 continued, “Taking today’s press conference as an opportunity, we want to ask SM about this once again. SM must clarify their standards for tampering and provide evidence of their tampering accusation. Is it considered tampering when the artists seek advice from friends, seniors, and colleagues on their concerns? Baekhyun had been meeting people to seek advice for the establishment of his own company. As he set up a one-person company, SM’s claim of tampering does not make any sense. Baekhyun set up INB100 as a one-person company but he later realized that he could not manage his artist activities and manage the company works at the same time. In order to pursue his dreams as an artist and a producer, he has now entrusted the management to a reliable expert”.

They emphasized, “SM should not distort the essence of the case and disclose the settlement basis data, which is the artist’s most basic right. Before making tampering accusations, SM should reflect on whether the parties have entered the stage of signing contracts, executed expenses, and disclosed settlements within the framework of a standard contract. If SM continues to withhold the disclosure of settlement basis data, we will file an injunction to the court to request it”.