EXO-CBX’s Label INB100 Complains About SM Only Seeing Artists as ‘Money-Makers’

In an official statement, INB100 countered SM’s “absurd” and “petty” response to main issues raised during their press conference.

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On June 10, INB100 called for an emergency press conference attended by Chairwoman Cha Gawon, BPM Entertainment’s major shareholder and co-founder of ONE HUNDRED, the parent company of EXO-CBX’s label.

Here, INB100 revealed that SM Entertainment is demanding 10% of the sales of EXO members Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin’s individual activities, despite the fact that the trio was only signed with the company for group activities and they were not being paid for it.

They were also promised a 5% music distribution fee, but this didn’t happen.

EXO-CBX's Label INB100 Complains About SM Only Seeing Artists as 'Money-Makers'
(Photo : EXO-CBX (News1))

As the idols filed a lawsuit against unclear settlement and contract terms, SM countered that they were asking for the sales percentage based on the standards, then reigniting previous claims that they were indeed prompted by BPM and ONE HUNDRED to sue SM ahead of their contract expiration in 2023.

With this, INB100 on the 10th expressed their thoughts about this, saying:

“Chairman Cha Gawon and CEO Shin Donghyun are very sorry for SM, which is once again claiming that this is tampering, and demand SM to disclose their standards for tampering.”

The trio also warned SM that they would take legal against this defamation, adding:

“We will take strong action against SM, who claims tampering, including holding them accountable for all civil and criminal charges for defamation and spreading false information.”

EXO-CBX's Label INB100 Complains About SM Only Seeing Artists as 'Money-Makers'
(Photo : Chairman Cha Gawon (News1))

In the full statement, INB100 criticized SM for being “outrageous” and “petty,” diverting the issue through nitpicking and bringing up other arguments that are not relevant to the case.

Earlier, SM insisted that Baekhyun is not operating INB100 alone but is now under ONE HUNDRED, which is affiliated with MC Mong, the alleged third-party accused of prompting EXO-CBX.

However, the idol’s side denied that this was tampering since it is true that Baekhyun started the label as a one-person management but after realizing that he couldn’t manage both his business and idol activities entrusted a reliable expert, which happened to be ONE HUNDRED.

EXO-CBX's Label INB100 Complains About SM Only Seeing Artists as 'Money-Makers'
(Photo : EXO-CBX (News1))

With this, IN100 sternly complained:

“As a large agency, SM who cannot provide a reasonable refutation of the essence of the situation should stop making petty claims that are irrelevant from the core issue, such as criticizing public opinions.”

They further criticized SM’s greed for money, saying:

“Forcing only obligations to artists without honoring their own promises is a behavior that clearly shows that they have only thought of artists as money-makers for themselves.”

While there are netizens who are siding with SM Entertainment, more EXO-Ls (fandom) were showing their support for the trio by starting a hashtag party on X as well as using the phrase, “JUSTICE FOR CBX.”