EXO D.O. Is Once Again Asked To Show His Abs & Here’s His Savage Reply: ‘If the Time Comes…’

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In an interview, EXO D.O. savagely responded to EXO-Ls when asked if when will he finally reveal his abs!

In April, the EXO main vocalist and soloist graced the studio of Harper’s BAZAAR for a pictorial as the digital cover for its May issue.

On May 8 then, the fashion magazine revealed the interview they had with the idol-actor, answering the questions that fans, especially Eris, were most curious about.

Among the questions, fans couldn’t help but laugh about the savageness of D.O. when he replied to a fan’s question:

“When will you reveal your abs?”

D.O. with his straightforward expression, said:

“Revealing my abs, I won’t be able to do it forever, everyone. Please don’t have any expectations. If the time comes, say for a drama or movie character that I will portray, If it can’t be helped anymore and there is no choice but to take off my top…

But to be honest, I won’t even be revealing my abs. I’m just taking off my shirt. I don’t work out my abs. So please don’t look forward to it.”

When then asked what kind of workout he’s currently doing, D.O. clarified that he’s just trying to stay in shape for his health, doing exercises for his shoulder, chest, back, and lower body.

Meanwhile, the reason fans are looking forward to seeing his abs is because, among the members, he is the only one hasn’t flaunted his physique.

It will surely be fatal to EXO-Ls as in his past performances, there were times when he accidentally gave a sneak peek of his body — and fans are convinced he’s hiding a solid abs behind his shirt!

In some of his pictorials and MV shoots, there were also instances where he took off his shirt, but would cover his body where fans can’t see his abs.

Such a tease!

Meanwhile, when fans saw the interview, hilarious comments and replies from EXO-Ls poured out, related to his abs reveal.

One fan wittily negotiated with the idol to not show his abs anymore, rather, they are then requesting him to just take off his shirt.

Another fan also funnily requested him to choose a work where he would have no choice but to show his body.

Amid these jokes, EXO-Ls understood the boundaries he set and decided to respect that flaunting his body isn’t in his comfort zone.

Fans attested to him that it’s okay and he doesn’t have to worry about it and just focus on being healthy and happy.

Check out EXO D.O.’s full interview with Harper’s Bazaar here!