EXO Kai Sparks Heated Debate After Seen in Bali Amid Military Service

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After EXO Kai’s photos in Bali spread on the internet, a heated debate among K-pop fans sparked regarding the rules of the military.

EXO Kai Raises Brows for Going on Vacation Amid Military Service

The idol became the center of discussion after he was allegedly spotted in Bali for a vacation despite still serving in the military.

To strengthen the claim, photos and videos were even shared online, and K-pop fans were in a ruckus if he was even allowed to leave the country even though he was enlisted as a public service worker.

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In particular, South Korea implemented a law where male citizens must serve their nation through military service until before the age of 28.

Although there was an initial bill that originally attempted exemption for K-pop idols who have contributed prestige for South Korea and the government, only the law called “BTS Law” was passed, where idols could delay their supposed enlistment date for 2 more years, until 30 years old.

EXO Kai who turned 30 (Korean age) in January 2023, then entered the military in May of the same year unconditionally.

Before starting their military service, idols were prohibited to go out of the country or even attend international activities.

Due to this, K-pop fans were truly confused as to how Kai was able to go to Bali with his friends, although he’s still serving in the army and his discharge date was not even finalized yet.

With this, K-pop fans outside EXO-Ls whined in disbelief and pointed out that it is truly “unfair” for other idols and citizens serving the military.

Here are some of the comments:

EXO-Ls Defend EXO Kai

When EXO Kai received massive backlash for it, EXO-Ls were quick to defend the idol.

Accordingly, the idol recently received his day off from the military; thus, he could leave the camp with permission from the general. This includes going outside the country.

Seeing that Kai was able to fly beyond Korea means he was able to show documented permission allowing him to go on a vacation in Bali regardless if he was still serving the military.

EXO-Ls then criticized other fans who were coming after Kai and left counterattack comments such as:

On the other hand, EXO Kai is expected to serve for about 1 more year as a public service worker and be discharged around February 2025.