EXO Lay Tearful As He Makes Heartfelt Message To His Group: ‘They are all the motivation for me’

Lay shed tears as he expressed his love for his co-EXO members. Hearing his message, OT9 Eris couldn’t help but feel emotional as well!

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EXO Lay Tearful As He Makes Heartfelt Message To His Group: 'They are all the motivation for me'
(Photo : EXO Lay (Kpopping | @THEENANZ))

On February 24, the Chinese K-pop idol and soloist Lay was briefly spotted in South Korea while on his way to his fan meeting schedule in Tokyo, Japan.

From Incheon International Airport, he flew to the country to hold his solo fan meeting, “Burning Heart,” marking his attempt to expand his music career in the Japanese market.

Regardless of his solo successes and endeavors, Lay is continuously loved by Eris for never forgetting his roots and showing his undying love for EXO.

Lay Quashes Speculation He Left EXO Following His Heartfelt Message to Group

On this day, Japanese Eris and Xingmis had a blast watching the idol’s performances of his various solo releases. 

(Photo : Instagram)

However, what heated the stage was when he showcased an unexpected random dance challenge of EXO’s hits “Growl” and “Call Me Baby.”

Just then, a VCR prepared by his fans was shown to him, which contained Lay’s journey from debuting as an EXO member to establishing his solo career to become a global star.

Watching it, fans felt emotional seeing how the superstar had come this far after his debut 12 years ago. Unexpectedly, Lay couldn’t bottle up his emotions, expressing his real feelings for EXO through his sincere words.

“I have many memories. For me, EXO is like a university. I’ve been working hard as Lay of EXO in this team. I’ve received a lot of love in this team, so I don’t want to let this team down.”

He continued:

“Whether it’s my skills or our relationship, they are all the motivation for me to keep striving. I will continue to work hard.”

It became a rumor earlier that Lay had left EXO. This rumor sparked after he allegedly notified the media to not associate his name with the group.

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(Photo : EXO OT9 (@exo_treasure X))

It also fueled to the fire as it has been about three years since he stopped actively working with the group to focus on his solo activities.

However, Lay made it clear that he will always be EXO by publicly showing his affection to them through his interviews and by also doing their viral “First Snow” trend on Tiktok last year.

Eris Feel Grateful to Lay for Remaining as EXO

After the clip circulated online, numerous EXO-Ls showered Lay with love and expressed their support for the idol.

As it was always Lay who’s always been vocal when it comes to loving his fans and EXO, Eris and Xingmis him to know that he’s also appreciated and loved as much as he’s giving to people.

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