EXO Suho Faces Life-Threatening Penalty on Reality Show — EXO-L Demand Justice

In a recent of EXO’s widely-watched reality show, “Travel The World,” the group has once again stirred the pot of controversy.

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This time, the wrath of netizens has descended upon a penalty inflicted upon EXO’s leader, Suho, which has ignited a firestorm of criticism for being both perilous and potentially detrimental to his well-being.

This eyebrow-raising incident unfolded during an episode of “Travel the World on a Ladder,” where Suho was entrusted with a daunting penalty-a staggering 1000 jumps on a skipping rope.

A Pattern of Safety Concerns

Initially, Suho took on this formidable challenge with apparent enthusiasm, breezing through the first 100 jumps with relative ease. However, as the task wore on, the toll it exacted on him became increasingly conspicuous.

For viewers witnessing Suho’s Herculean effort, it grew progressively distressing. By the halfway point, the anguish in his eyes was unmistakable, serving as a stark testament to the toll this grueling endeavor was taking on him.

Suho was compelled to shed his jacket, exposing the physical strain that now weighed heavily upon him, all while a daunting 500 jumps still loomed ahead.

Tensions escalated to a breaking point when, having accomplished 800 jumps and with fellow member D.O. as a witness, Suho finally relinquished the skipping rope, making a swift exit.

The subsequent dissemination of this video across social media platforms prompted a swift and vocal response from netizens.

EXO Suho

(Photo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJdCKpDsNtg)

While penalties are hardly unusual on K-Pop variety shows, the majority found this particular punishment excessive, especially given Suho’s demanding schedule and a history of knee injuries.

Fans and viewers alike couldn’t help but question the rationale behind subjecting Suho, or any idol for that matter, to such a physically taxing challenge, especially when his exhaustion was palpable.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “This is absolutely ridiculous! How can they give such a lenient penalty for something so dangerous? It’s clear that safety is not their priorit”
  • “It’s disappointing to see that even popular idols like Suho are subjected to such unsafe situations. Something needs to change”
  • “The safety of the participants should be the top priority. It’s disheartening to see that it was overlooked in this case”
  • “This penalty is not enough to address the seriousness of the situation. They need to do more to ensure the safety of the idols”
  • “Suho looked like he was about to pass out after 800 jump ropes & then his face when he was found”

Furthermore, this incident is not an isolated occurrence, as it casts a shadow over the broader safety concerns that have dogged the show’s treatment of EXO members.

Previous episodes featured scenarios where the safety of the group was compromised, such as Chanyeol being coerced into navigating an unguarded rooftop while blindfolded.

The ongoing controversy surrounding this episode serves as a catalyst for critical conversations regarding the ethical responsibilities of variety shows and entertainment programs in safeguarding the health and well-being of K-Pop idols, particularly those juggling demanding schedules and contending with pre-existing health issues.

Meanwhile,EXO’s leader, Suho, has finally decided to break his silence on the recent strife within the popular K-pop band and their relationship with SM Entertainment, their managing agency.