EXO Suho Goes ‘Philosophical’ In Concert — But Baekhyun Was Having None Of It!

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The internet is in a craze due to a funny interaction between EXO members!

EXO’s charismatic leader Suho held his two-day concert “Welcome to SU:HOME” at the Olympic Hall in South Korea on May 25 and 26. EXO-Ls were delighted to see the “Cheese” singer perform his hits on the live stage and display his showmanship to the audience.

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As for those who weren’t able to attend the concert in person, a live broadcast was held on platforms such as Beyond Live and Weverse. Moreover, Suho even invited singers Younha and Giriboy as special guests, which fueled the fun even further!

On the other hand, fans inside the venue and across the internet were surprised to see EXO members Baekhyun, Kai, Chanyeol, and Sehun present at Suho’s Day 2 concert. Eris online were warmed to see the members show their support for the group’s beloved leader.

But seeing how close the members of EXO are, their attendance wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of mayhem and some unexpected funny moments!

On May 26, fans caught wind of some of Suho’s highlights during the concert’s second day. In a clip by TikTok user @kimjunbulak, which immediately spread on the platform, Suho was seen making a “philosophical” and somewhat serious speech during the show.

However, this “bored” Baekhyun, who hilariously shouted at Suho, “What are you saying!?” causing laughter from fans inside the venue and the rest of the EXO members!

@kimjunbulak this combination of members is literally jm’s worst nightmare  #exo #suho #suhome #suhomeday2 #kimjunmyeon #baekhyun #byunbaekhyun #parkchanyeil #kimjongin #chanyeol #kai #jongin ♬ 치즈 Cheese – SUHO

This moment didn’t just create a memorable experience for fans who attended the concert, but also showcased how strong their bond was with each other and that the combination of Baekhyun, Kai, Chanyeol, and Sehun would always be a chaotic bunch for the leader!

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Here’s how Eris reacted to the funny clip:

  • “When Suho thought he was safe alone on stage, here comes B.”
  • “Giving vibe when a fan shouting at him ‘Ya Baekhyun’ during ‘Ko Ko Bop’ era”
  • “Suho knows if he talks about that longer they were going to tease him and they did, my silly boys.”
  • “Even as a soloist, Suho can’t escape his members’ teasing.”
  • “Supporting Suho while waiting for the time to tease him.”
  • “Nothing stopping them from testing his patience.”
  • “Suho thought they would let him go this easily just because they’re in the audience
  • “Testing the patience of Junmyeon-hyung line.”
  • “For sure EXO-Ls be willing to fight whoever shouts something like that if it’s not Baekhyun.”
  • “This is Baekhyun being Baekhyun.”
  • “I miss them, being like this. My chaotic EXO.”
  • “Funniest thing I’ve seen today.”
  • That’s Baekhyun for you. No safe place for leader-nim.”
  • “Baekhyun learned to take the right timing to shout from his fans, ‘Ya! Baekhyun”
  • “Not Baekhyun sitting there as a spectator but still raising leader’s blood pressure.”

Did their interaction make your day? Are you looking forward to more of Suho’s activities? Let us know in the comments below!