EXO Suho Shares How It’s Like Working With Red Velvet Wendy: ‘Junior I Really Care About’

To commemorate his 3rd mini album, “1 to 3,” EXO Suho sat down for an interview with the K-media where he talked about his feelings working with Red Velvet Wendy.

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On May 31, at 6 p.m. KST, EXO Suho returned after 1 year and 6 months with a new mini album comprising the double title tracks, “1 to 3” & “Cheese.”

Prior to its release, the male soloist held a mini-photoshoot for various K-media outlets where they also conducted a full Q&A session.

While most of the questions were related to his preparation and process while working on the album, the press also asked him about Red Velvet Wendy, who was featured in the pre-released title track, “Cheese” on May 20th.

EXO Suho Shares How It's Like Working With Red Velvet Wendy: 'Junior I Really Care About'
(Photo : Suho (News1))

The question went like:

“Is there a reason why you pre-released another double title song, ‘Cheese’? Red Velvet’s Wendy participated in the featuring. How was it working together?”

In response, Suho expressed his love for the song with EXO-Ls in mind, explaining:

“First of all, I love the song ‘Cheese’ so much that I wanted to enjoy it with my fans at my solo concert. Also, I thought I would make a significant image change through this album and approach my fans in a more fun and comfortable way, so I thought I would pre-release the light and bouncy song ‘Cheese’.”

Regarding choosing Wendy to sing with him, Suho conveyed his affection to his junior, adding:

“Wendy is one of my juniors that I really care about, and while working on this song, I thought she would suit (to sing with) me really well. I was initially worried that Wendy might not be able to do it if she had other schedules or projects, but I was so grateful that she readily agreed to be featured just 10 minutes after asking.”

Undoubtedly, they didn’t not only flaunted their vocal synergy through the song but also gave off a sweet chemistry in the MV released.

EXO Suho Shares How It's Like Working With Red Velvet Wendy: 'Junior I Really Care About'
(Photo : Suho, Wendy (Instagram))

When asked about what is the most memorable scene while filming the “Cheese” music video, Suho once again mentioned Wendy and narrated how it feels working with her:

“In the ‘Cheese’ music video, Wendy’s facial expressions were really good, giving off a similar vibe as American sitcom drama, so she made me laugh a lot throughout the filming.

In the last part of the music video, you can see a scene where we pretend to freeze (like statues) and then burst into laughter when we look at each other as we nod.

In fact, it is actually an ‘NG’ scene, but despite that, I think the MV looks more cheerful because it was included in the actual music video.”