EXO Suho’s ‘Killing Time’ Performance Garners Rave Reviews for His Vocals: ‘He’s A Real Rockstar!’

EXO Suho became a sizzling topic for his main vocalist-worthy voice following his performance in “Killing Time.”

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On June 5, the soloist performed on Dingo’s web music content, “Killing Time,” the spin-off to “Killing Voice.”

In this segment, solo artists are given the spotlight to amaze everyone with their live vocals without any AR as they sing the songs from their recently released music.

EXO Suho's 'Killing Time' Performance Garners Rave Reviews for His Vocals: 'He's A Real Rockstar!'
EXO Suho

Although Suho is not the main vocalist of EXO, he proved that his voice alone can represent them as the “Kings of Live Vocals,” as he performed the seven tracks from his 3rd-mini album, “1 to 3.”

Warming up with the song “Mayday,” Suho showcased his versatility as he sang his double title tracks, “1 to 3,” which has a British rock sound, as well as “Cheese” (feat. Red Velvet Wendy), which has a pop-rock genre.

He continued to amaze viewers with his b-sides, “Wishful Thinking,” “Moonlight,” “Alright Alright,” then concluding his stage smoothly with “Zero Gravity.”

Contrary to his usual heavenly and ballad sound, all of his songs presented a rock genre, and rockstar Suho truly served!

About 2 days after its release, Suho’s clip uploaded by Dingo already reached 61k views and in the comment sections, the solo artist is receiving positive words from music fans!

EXO Suho's 'Killing Time' Performance Garners Rave Reviews for His Vocals: 'He's A Real Rockstar!'
EXO Suho

Some of the comments are:

  • “The rockstar he is! Kim Junmyeon, we are so proud of you.”
  • “Let’s go bunny rockstar! Love you, Suho.”
  • “The all-rounder Suho, musical actor, K-drama actor, EXO leader, respect1!”
  • “Our smart and talented baby bunny rockstar! I’m so touched because he performed all of the songs live.”
  • “He is an angel.”
  • “This is such a high-quality album with organic stories from the first track to the seventh one. On top of that, Suho’s high-quality vocals reached my expectations, not to mention that he performed everything live. What else can’t he do?”

Watch EXO Suho’s full “Killing Time” performance below!

Meanwhile, after Suho released his 3rd mini album “1 to 3” on May 31st, he amassed high support from fans all over the world, sitting atop the iTunes top album chart in 29 regions around the world.

Thanks to the explosive support especially of EXO-Ls, the idol is planning to widen his influence through his first solo concert, “SU:HOME” which already kicked off in Seoul.

This June, he will be starting the concert’s Asian leg touring in Japanese cities including Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, then in Manila, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta.

He will also go to Europe to promote himself as a soloist, visiting London, Paris, Dusseldorf, Berlin, and Warsaw.

Don’t forget to stream Suho’s “1 to 3” album! Which is your fave track?