Extreme Introvert” Sandara Park “The reason I wore my hair up during 2NE1 days? It was to not be discouraged

Sandara Park revealed the reason why she wore her hair up during active years with 2NE1

Sandara Park, Jung Yong-hwa and Lee Hong-ki appeared as guests on the Sep 23rd broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “Amazing Saturday”.

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Boom introduced Sandara Park, “I heard that Sandara Park is an extreme I (Introvert), so she was a bit worried today, but she came with a new mindset in anticipation of meeting Taeyeon.”

Sandara Park taeyeon

Hearing this, Taeyeon expressed empathy, “Sis, I’m also an extreme I.” Two “extremely introverted” people met.

When Boom asked “How do (extreme introverts) become close to each other?“, Sandara Park replied, “I think we’ve already become friends now. This is how introverts become close. We don’t need numbers and such.”

Taeyeon agreed, “That’s right.” Key found it interesting, asking, “So, do introverts become close without talking?

Sandara Park taeyeon

Sandara Park surprised everyone by confessing, “We’re meeting for the first time in 13 years. We met on ‘Win Win’ in 2010.

Next, Shin Dong-yup asked Sandara Park, “2NE1 had a strong image at that time. Did you intentionally make things like costumes and eyes look strong?

Sandara Park replied, “That’s the reason why I wore my hair up. It was to not be discouraged. I had to equip myself like that to enjoy the stage.

Source: Nate