‘Extreme Job’ Stars Jin Seon Kyu & Lee Honey Reunite In New Netflix Series

Fans couldn’t hide their excitement for Jin Seon Kyu and Lee Honey ever since the announcement of their possible reunion.

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This September, Netflix Korea sent the green light, much to the fans’ delight, confirming the production of the comedy drama “Aema” which the two were previously in talks for.

Netflix Confirms Production of New Drama ‘Aema’

Jin Seon Kyu and Lee Honey reunite in their second acting project together this 2023.

On September 11, Netflix announced that the two sterling actors will decorate the new fictional comedy series that depicts the creators of the film “Madame Aema” in the 1980s.

Jin Seon Kyu, Lee Honey

(Photo : SBS Drama Official)

The film-in-a-film narrative portrays the stories of star actresses, rookie stars, producers and showrunners of that period as they distribute films with a comically enticing appeal.

In the series, Lee Honey plays top actress Jung Hee Ran who loses her new acting project due to differences with the production crew.

Jin Seon Kyu, Lee Honey

(Photo : SBS Drama Official)

Jin Seon Kyu transforms into Gu Jung Ho, a popular producer who favors rookie actresses with so much potential in hopes to make a legacy in the competitive film industry.

“Aema” marks the two actors’ first ever project together since their hilarious collaboration in “Extreme Job” in 2019.

'Extreme Job'

(Photo : CJ ENM)

It’s also Lee Honey’s first drama after giving birth in 2022. Meanwhile, “Aema” is Jin Seon Kyu’s new acting gig, following the success of his works “Revenant” and “The Uncanny Counter 2.”

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With this, fans’ excitement for the project intensifies. Lee Honey and Jin Seon Kyu are expected to showcase their unstoppable synergy together as on-screen partners.

Bang Hyo Rin, Jo Hyun Chul To Join The Crew

Besides the two, Bang Hyo Rin and Jo Hyun Chul join the cast ensemble to finalize the casting lineup.

'Aema' Cast

(Photo : Netflix Korea Official)
Jo Hyun Chul, Bang Hyo Rin, Lee Honey, Jin Seon Kyu

Shin Joo Ae, a newbie actress who bags the role of Madame Aema, will be played by Bang Hyo Rin. Her run-of-the-mill life turns upside down when she stars in the high-budgeted film.

On the other hand, Jo Hyun Chul portrays Kwak In Woo, a novice director who spearheads “Madame Aema.”

Jin Seon Kyu, Lee Honey

(Photo : SBS Drama Official)

While Bang Hyo Rin makes her first terrestrial appearance through “Aema,” Jo Hyun Chul has a small resume of works. He’s known for his remarkable performance in “D.P.” with Jung Hae In.

With the addition of the two as supporting actors, it is expected that “Aema” will be more whimsical, chaotic and interesting.

‘Aema’ Production Details & More

Jin Seon Kyu and Lee Honey’s comeback series will be taken care of by director Lee Hae Young who produced “Believer” and “Ghost.”

“Aema” will be distributed by Netflix and it will be produced by The Ramp, the company that received great response for works like “Samjin Company English Class.”

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Filming details are yet to be announced so stay tuned for more updates on the star-studded series “Aema.”