Famous Filipino actress created environmental education comic inspired by BTS Jimin

Famous Filipino actress Arci Munoz, who has been expressing her love for BTS Jimin for years, recently created an environmental education comic inspired by Jimin

Sharing 2 comic characters on her Instagram, she captioned it with, “The best way to celebrate Jimin’s birthday, meet the Earth’s guardians Minji and Chimchim.

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Arci Munoz, known for her active participation in environmental movements, collaborated with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to create the characters for the department’s 12th comic series. The characters “Minji” and “Chimchim” drew inspiration from Jimin and his BT21 character “Chimmy”.

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Being a devoted fan who even dedicated a farm to Jimin as a birthday gift, Arci Munoz has consistently expressed her admiration for Jimin on various platforms. She introduced herself as “Baby Mochi’s (Jimin’s nickname) wife” on an American talk show and confessed her love for Jimin on Filipino broadcast ABS-CBN, saying, “Once you Jim-in, you can’t Jim-out.”

Through this comic book project, Munoz aims to provide children with enjoyable ways to reduce plastic waste, practice proper waste separation and embrace the joy of recycling. She plans to distribute the completed comic books for free to public schools and appealed for everyone’s participation in preserving the Earth.

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Regarding the inspiration for her character creation, Munoz said, “Jimin has touched my life in various ways, and I wanted to share that in a very practical way.” This heartfelt expression of love and gratitude for Jimin is making a positive impact not only on Filipino children’s environmental education but also showcasing the influence of Jimin’s fans worldwide in spreading positivity.

Jimin has consistently shown interest in improving the educational environment for children, making donations to various organizations, including quietly contributing to the ChildFund Korea and other educational foundations. Recently, his donated funds to his alma mater Busan High School of Arts resulted in meaningful scholarships, gaining attention and praise.

Jimin’s fans, regardless of nationality and location, continue to set an exemplary influence, brightening various corners of the world. Munoz, too, is contributing to this positive movement by joining in.

Source: Nate