Famous YouTubers Korean Englishman YouTubers Chat with BLACKPINK at Palace Banquet Revealed

The two YouTubers had the chance to sit next to BLACKPINK members at the banquet

In their latest video, titled “We had dinner with BLACKPINK at Buckingham Palace,” YouTubers Josh and Ollie from the famous channel “Korean Englishman” shared their unique experience. 

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Sitting beside Jisoo, Josh noticed Jisoo conversing in English with someone next to her but occasionally hesitating, so he offered to translate for her. Jisoo, appreciative and relieved, accepted the gesture with gratitude, earning praises from Josh for her sweetness.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Rosé and Jennie revealed Jisoo’s nervousness at being separated from them as she isn’t fluent in English. They expressed relief that Josh could bridge the language gap.

The video not only highlighted BLACKPINK members’ endearing interactions with others at the banquet but also showcased their strong bond.

Source: Youtube