Fan Reportedly Spends Whopping Amount to Take Couple Photo With NCT Mark

A fan has reportedly dropped a major bag to be able to take a couple photos with NCT member Mark.

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On May 28, 2024, a post titled “The fan apparently spent $16,000 to take this photo” was uploaded to Instiz, a well-known South Korean online community forum.

Fan Reportedly Spends Whopping Amount to Take Couple Photo With NCT Mark
Fan Reportedly Spends Whopping Amount to Take Couple Photo With NCT Mark
(Photo : Mark Instagram)

In the post, the original poster shared a Polaroid photo of Mark posing with a supposed Japanese fan. In the photo, Mark is seen dressed in a white collared long-sleeve jacket with black pants. He is seen cupping the cheek of the fan while staring at her eyes and smiling.

The fan, on the other hand, is dressed in a tube top and white skirt. Her arms are crossed as she stares into Mark’s eyes with a small smile on her lips.

According to internet users, the Japanese fan spent $16,000 USD (approximately ₩21,728,065 KRW) to take this photo with Mark during a fan sign in Osaka, Japan.

This is reportedly not the only fan who decided to spend a huge amount of money to take a photo with Mark. Another fan has a photo with Mark giving her a back hug. Allegedly, the cut-off for fans to take pictures with fans was high; only six to seven people were allowed to take photos with the members.

A post shared by instagram

Korean netizens who saw the post were shocked at the level of skinship idols are willing to do during fan signs. Many couldn’t believe it was Mark in the photo, with many questioning if the idol was really the person in the photo. Others noted that this must not have been a normal fansign, as in regular events, most idols would do is give a hand heart.

Others were shocked at the huge amount someone would spend just to experience this. They criticized her for “throwing away her wealth.” When asked who they are, they claim she is just a “fan with a lot of money.”

Some Korean netizens noted that if you didn’t know it was Mark in the photo, people would assume they were dating. Many slammed the fan for asking for such a pose, claiming it to be “excessive.”

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Some comments read,

  • “Wow, is she just throwing away her wealth? Is that really Mark?”
  • “She is just a fan with a lot of money. NCT has a fan event and seems like they took a photo of just the two of them. The pose was requested by the fan.”
  • “I heard the cut-off for those who got in was harsh. It is an event in Japan, so it makes sense for a foreigner to spend that much. They didn’t pick 30-50 people, but just around 6-7?”
  • “It’s shocking that such a level of skinship is allowed. From what I have seen in the past photo events, the most you can do is a hand heart.”
  • “I saw other photos from the day, like the one with Mark. It looked like he was giving her a back hug or something.”
  • “Who is this? Mark?”
  • “Wow, if you didn’t know, you would assume they were dating or something.”
  • “Wow… A polaroid for around 20 million won.”
  • “Wow, the post is seriously excessive.”

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