Fan Slammed For Attempting To Kiss BTS Jin During Hug Event

An ARMY (BTS fan) is facing backlash for trying to kiss Jin during his three-hour-long hug session.

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On June 12, 2024, Jin became the first member of BTS to be discharged from his mandatory military service. He was discharged from the 5th Infantry Division’s training center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province. During his time in the military, he served as an assistant instructor.

Fan Slammed For Attempting To Kiss BTS Jin During Hug Event
Fan Slammed For Attempting To Kiss BTS Jin During Hug Event
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To celebrate his return as a BTS member, Jin attended the 2024 BTS FESTA event on June 13. The event was held at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul. There, the idol finally reunited with the ARMYs.

The event was held to celebrate BTS’s debut anniversary. As the only BTS member active and not partaking in the mandatory military enlistment, Jin held a unique hugging session where he embraced 1,000 fans.

For the event, Jin wore an adorable sign that read “Hug me.” The idol left fans shaken with his youthful visuals and short hair. The event was bustling with ARMYs from all around the globe decked out in purple to celebrate BTS’s 11th debut anniversary.

While most fans paid their respects in a proper way, one interaction between an ARMY and Jin is drawing backlash online.

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While most fans hugged Jin and went on their way, one fan was seen getting uncomfortably close to the idol. As they wrapped their arms around him, they brought their face close to his ear and reportedly attempted to kiss him.

This incident sparked outrage among netizens, who claimed the fan had acted out of line and disrespected Jin’s personal space, thus making him uncomfortable.

This incident highlights the idol’s need for personal space. Although the event was held to give back love to the fans, many need to remember that idols are humans and not a character in their fantasies.

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