Fan Who Sexually Harassed ENHYPEN Finally Apologized 

Previously on May 30, ENHYPEN delivered a performance of “Fatal Trouble” on the music program “M!Countdown” in front of 270 lucky fans. 

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However, during the pre-recording, the boy group suffered from sexual harassment from a fan, who repeatedly shot vulgar words such as “female org*sm” and “I’m h*rny” repeatedly. 

The person behind this has since apologized on the SNS platform X (formerly Twitter), before deactivating their account. 


In particular, this fan said, “Hello. This is 3g1ng. I apologize for bothering many people with my unpleasant remarks and rude behavior during the M!Countdown pre-recording on May 30 at 6 AM. The mentioned remark ‘female org*sm,’ was shouted during the monitoring time and not targeted at any particular member. As for the words ‘I j*zzed,” and ‘I’m h*rny,’ I honestly don’t remember saying them since it has been a while ago, and the situation was very hectic at the time. However, as some people claimed that they heard these words and I’m at fault for the situation, I would like to apologize”

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The same fan also added that the people they talked to during recording were not friends but people they met for the 1st time on that day, before adding, “I’m sincerely reflecting on my various careless behaviors, and for failing to recognize that I was being a bother.”

However, even after the apology, other fans of ENHYPEN remained enraged and started to urge ENHYPEN’s agency, Belift Lab, to step up and protect the members. 

Accordingly, the fans asked Belift Lab to tighten security, as well as to identify the aforementioned sexual harasser and take legal action against them. 

Source: Krb, X