Fans Angry at SM’s Lack of Promotions for Red Velvet’s Comeback

Despite Red Velvet making a comeback at the end of June, articles about the comeback only recently came out at a meager number. This is an extremely lack-luster announcement, especially when considering that this is a comeback for Red Velvet’s 10th year anniversary.

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Additionally, it was also mentioned that news about Red Velvet’s MV shooting was only revealed through the TV show “Animal Farm”, where the host mentioned that Joy couldn’t participate due to filming. 

Animal Farm

On top of all that, there has been no pre-order for Red Velvet’s upcoming release despite the comeback soon approaching, causing fans to voice their distress.

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • Why does Center 3 (the center in charge of Red Velvet in SM) exist…
  • Is there no employee in Center 3, because nothing is being done for the comeback.
  • 10th year anniversary is an extremely important occasion, and yet SM is giving up nothing
  • No articles, no promotions, no pre-orders… is the comeback a group imagination
  • What kind of company does absolutely nothing for promotion like this???

Source: theqoo, PC